As an educator with over 45 years of experience, I am always looking for the best people to work with as I help students. I have worked with Dr. Myra Burgee for many years and find her to be the best at assessing a student’s true talents and needs. She is very professional, quick to complete the work, and her reports help families to determine the appropriate educational setting, and IEP, or 504 Plan (if needed). She provides other sources to help parents better understand the child’s needs. Every client I have referred to Dr. Burgee tells me that the experience was excellent and the child was very comfortable.

Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., Director of School Finders, LLC

I give an A+ recommendation to Dr. Burgee. We used her services in the summer of 2011 when my son was in college and the University required that his testing be updated in order to receive accommodations. Dr. Burgee was able to complete the updated testing quickly for us, was very accommodating in scheduling the testing, wrote up her findings promptly, related very well to my son, and was both professional and personable. When the University needed further clarification in the summer of 2012, Dr. Burgee promptly responded and provided the needed information. We will absolutely use her again, if necessary, and have, in fact, recommended her services to both the counseling center at the University and my son’s doctor.

Parent – Olney, Maryland

As a former middle and high school principal and current educational consultant, I have been referring students to Dr. Burgee for educational evaluations for more than twenty years. During that time, I can think of no psychologist who is more responsive to the needs of students and families. Unlike many evaluators who take months to accommodate their clients, Dr. Burgee goes out of her way to see people quickly and to deliver her reports promptly. Her turn-around time is just about the best in the business. Dr. Burgee writes clear, thorough evaluations that are free of psychological jargon and her recommendations are always helpful. What’s more, kids and parents enjoy working with her. Dr. Burgee is a professional in every sense of the word.

Educational Consultant – Washington, DC area

Email sent to Dr. Burgee from parent in February, 2014. Following the psychoeducational services you provided my 12-year old daughter just three months ago, we have seen remarkable improvements that I attribute to your recommendations. I met with the counselor and teachers at my daughters school to develop a 504 Plan that allowed her to receive additional resources to support her in the classroom and at home (like extra text books, EchoPen). We are incorporating many of the recommendations from the books you suggested about ADHD. Results: As of today, she has a 3.5 GPA (up from a 2.71). We are seeing some definite, steady and positive improvement. Perhaps, most significantly, her confidence is up markedly. I wanted to thank you again for your help. I would strongly recommend your services to friends, associates or any parent who suspects that their child may learn differently and can be successful with the right kinds of support.
Thank you sincerely for your insight and help!

Montgomery County, Maryland – Mother of 12 year old daughter

Dr. Burgee is highly professional and will identify a student’s strengths and learning style with her deft knowledge and experience. She is truly remarkable as well as an aficionado in her field! Thank you Dr. Burgee, my daughter could not have survived Tulane or MUSC without your assessment.

Parent – Bethesda, MD

We brought our son to Dr. Burgee for a Psychoeducational Evaluation to help him with accommodations that he would need as he moved from high school to college. Dr. Burgee did a fantastic job! Her testing and report were very thorough and provided many insights and helpful pieces of advice for our son both in college and throughout life. It was readily accepted by the university so that he could smoothly use the same and even enhanced accommodations that were appropriate for him. We also greatly appreciated how helpful Dr. Burgee was in all discussions with us, explaining the results and going above and beyond in trying to help us with ways to transcend his issues and use his strengths.

Many thanks again to Dr. Burgee!

Cathy P. – Kensington, MD

Dr. Burgee provided expert professional services to our daughter. She identified a learning disability that had previously not been detected by her school teachers and counselors. Once the diagnosis was made, Dr. Burgee assisted us in successfully requesting appropriate accommodations on the SAT from the College Board and from her college. I can’t thank Dr. Burgee enough for her superb skills, guidance and caring professionalism.

Elizabeth – Washington, DC

Dr. Burgee conducted educational evaluations for our two oldest children. At every step of the process, I was pleased and happy with our interactions with Dr. Burgee. At all times, she was positive, informative, professional and to whatever extent possible, willing to help us. It was very important that my children’s educational evaluations be thorough and specific. As both children were entering college, we wanted to make sure that Dr. Burgee could accurately access and determine whatever accommodations would be necessary to continue their academic success at the collegiate level. As both of our children were going to UMD, Dr. Burgee’s knowledge of UMD, it’s systems, processes and procedures were extremely helpful to translate the suggested action plan that Dr. Burgee identified for each of my children into a working plan at the University.

Dr. Burgee’s testing was as extensive as necessary to give us a thorough understanding of our children’s skill sets; her analysis was very relevant to my children’s experiences and our perception of their needs. As a parent, I was especially appreciative of Dr. Burgee’s positive, affirmative and solution driven approach to evaluating my children and their current abilities. We are very grateful for her expertise and strongly recommend her services. As a matter of fact, our youngest son soon will be scheduled for his turn with Dr. Burgee for his educational evaluation.

Parent – C.B., Potomac, MD

Dr. Burgee was recommended to my family when my child was a sophomore in high school, thanks to the discerning and caring of a learning specialist at his/her school, based on some of the symptoms we discussed and the specialist and we had observed. My child, always bright and engaged in school, seemingly suddenly was struggling, academically and therefore in self-esteem too. We made an appointment with Dr. Burgee for an initial assessment and then the requisite number of tests and follow-up visits. Dr. Burgee was professional and caring, and had the tools to assess properly that my child had some short-term memory issues as well as dyslexia. Thanks to Dr. Burgee, my child was able to receive proper evaluation, documentation of the disability, some appropriate yet unobtrusive accommodations, and many study strategies and aids that turned struggling into successes, one step at a time. My child was able to turn his/her high school career around to the point of successfully finishing high school and gaining admission to an excellent liberal arts college. Dr. Burgee was just the right person to help my child. Although I wish we had brought our child to Dr. Burgee earlier in life, I think our story makes the point that it is never too late to get a professional's assessment if a child is struggling academically.

A Grateful Parent – Washington, DC

Dr. Burgee has been an invaluable resource in providing appropriate assessments and documentation so that I might gain accommodations for my learning disability on national exams like the MCAT and USMLE Step 1. While I was diagnosed as a child and had received accommodations throughout my education, my documentation was out of date when it came time to apply for accommodations for the MCAT. I was referred to Dr. Burgee and she was able to complete the write up efficiently and effectively and I was approved. I was initially denied for accommodations by the NBME for the Step 1 exam. However, Dr. Burgee wrote a swift, effective rebuttal that, combined with other supporting documentation, provided the additional evidence the NBME needed to approve my reconsideration for accommodations. Dr. Burgee is excellent - not just in the quality of reports she generates from a thorough utilization of appropriate assessments but she is also kind, open, and incredibly easy to talk to when it comes to discussing your own personal weaknesses. She is a true professional in every sense of the word.

Sarah, a 2nd Year Medical Student